Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I don’t feel that my problems qualify for Counseling. Do I have to be “sick” to receive Counseling?

A. No! This is one of the biggest misconceptions about mental health that I want to change. Let’s erase the stigma! No matter what it is we’re going through, couldn’t we all use some non-judgmental, confidential support?

Q. What's the difference between Counseling and Health + Wellness Coaching?

A. Health + Wellness Coaching is geared for women who are looking for support in areas such as weight loss, stress management, self-esteem and lifestyle optimization. While those areas are often addressed during counseling sessions, women who attend counseling are also looking for assistance with mental health symptoms related to depression, anxiety + stress. Not sure which service you need? No problem. Let’s chat and figure it out together.

Q. How are you different from other therapists in the area?

A. My style is a little different. I believe that we must focus on whole person health for optimal wellness. Therefore, I find it necessary to examine all areas of life such as exercise, nutrition, social support, emotional health, spirituality and lifestyle habits while working with women. I also ensure that I do not overlap appointment times, meaning you will never have to wait for a scheduled appointment (Because your time is valuable!) Whether it’s walking on the beach, meeting at my office, or coming to your home — I give my clients optimal freedom + flexibility to find what best fits their needs.

Q. You incorporate mind + body wellness. Does that mean we will be exercising together?

A. No, we will not be exercising together during sessions (unless you choose to have a walk + talk session.) Mind + body wellness simply refers to how all aspects of our lives (exercise, nutrition, spirituality, social contentedness) contribute to our overall well-being.

Q. I don’t want anybody to know that I’m receiving these services. How will this be kept secret?

A. Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of both Counseling and Health + Wellness Coaching. I am not able to confirm that you are a client or share any information from our sessions. Also, since I don’t overlap appointment times, I do my best to ensure you will not run into anyone on your way in/out of each appointment.

Q. Where are you located?

A. The Mind | Body Method office is conveniently located at the Oceanfront, directly off I-264 at the N. Birdneck Rd exit. The office is conveniently located around back of the main office building to ensure complete privacy.