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Mental Health Counseling

At Mind Body Method, our approach to therapy embodies whole person health; meaning I focus on both mind + body wellness for optimal well-being. Symptoms of depression + anxiety can be a by-product of our lifestyles, and I’ve found it crucial to examine areas such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, social relationships + other lifestyle habits.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching sessions are designed with each client’s unique goals in mind. If you’re sick of feeling tired, ready to change your relationship with food, want to feel good in your own skin again, or simply need some help getting unstuck — Health and Wellness Coaching is perfect for you.


Passionate About Inspiring + Empowering Women Through Mind + Body Wellness.

I’m Rachel, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia Beach (LPC) and Certified Health Coach (CHC). My interest in whole person health stems from my own experiences with stress + anxiety in my early 20’s. Although I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, I quickly learned that exercise alone was not enough to manage the high-stress phases of my life. For me, this stress would show up in the form of physical ailments, sending me to the doctor time and time again. But the diagnosis was always the same: stress. Once I acquired the knowledge + skillset to care for both my mind AND body, my life was completely transformed.

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“Rachel offers such a unique and creative approach to health and wellness. I definitely recommend Mind Body Method to women of all ages!“


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